A. And A again. auroras, São Paulo 31.07 – 02.10 2021 click here to access auroras’ website Paula Alzugaray – A casa e seu duplo (Select) The curtains open, there is an attempt to enunciate something that results only in a vibration, or even this imperative to speak makes it impossible to end a discussion. […]

curtain, 2021oil on canvas and velvet 24 x 18 cm [9.5 x 7 in] installation view “A. And A again.” at auroras, São Paulo

sinal, 2020-2021LED spotlight programmed with morse code, arduino and relayvariable dimensions installation view: “A. And A again.” at auroras, São Paulo (2021)installation view: Ed. Copan as part of “Ao Ar. Livre” (2020)

little theatre, 2021wood, steel, puppets, velvet, led light, vibration motor and arduino 60 x 163 x 58 cm Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo Collection A small puppet theater features three characters lit by a limelight and framed by velvet curtains. Perhaps animated by what Alain Badiou indicates as the “imperative of saying” in Beckett; these […]

house hair, 2021steel, resin, wax and hair132 x 36 x 36 cm shaped from a dollhouse, “house hair” is made of two identical parts in pigmented resin, that holds hair inside fixed with a beeswax plate. The organic part, detached from the body, becomes a reminder of death, or the passing time, as a “memento […]

fall, 2021HD video, colour, sound12’20’’ “Fall” is a video made with a 3D animation software where a body falls and simulates the impact with the ground. This dummy emulates the physical characteristics of a latex skin, referring to works developed from 2018 onwards that explored this materiality. Accompanying this excessively artificial video, the soundtrack is […]

discussion I (variation), 2021resin, fiberglass, electronic circuits, mini speakers, servo motor and arduinovariable dimensions The heads of “discussion I (variation)” repeat the same dialogue interpreted by the mannequins in the bedroom (in “discussion I”), but in random order. They are programmed with a database made by each sentence to create an endless and always unprecedented […]

discussão I, 2021video projection on mannequins, bedvariable dimensions In collaboration with Lucienne Guedes and Silvio Restiffe auroras is an independent art space in a modernist house. Some of the characteristics of the house remain and were used as starting points for works that consider the relationship with the space’s architecture. This is the case of “discussion […]

carrossel, 2021iron, resin, figure, halogen lamp, synchronous motor 36 x 56 x 36 cm “Carousel” transforms the entire space by projecting its lights and shadows on the walls and floor. The shadows that encircle the room act as a moving curtain. The rotational lights of the carousel interfere in the other works that are in […]

house hair II, 2021 wax and hair 18 x 12 x 12 cm