since 2019, in the process of elaborating the theatrical play with absent actors “hollow head doll’s foam”, Ilê Sartuzi frequently collaborates with Marcus Garcia. together, they created more than a dozen mechatronic works that use more or less simple mechanics and electronics. Using mainly Arduino-like microcontrollers, the works are developed with the support of an incalculable network of programmers who make their programs, methods and libraries available in forums and online tutorials. following the open-source spirit, we are editing and making available the programs used for each of the works we develop. we hope they will serve to feed a collaborative network of artists and programmers.

we always seek to credit people who made part of the code we use available in the program itself (sometimes the program it’s not credited and we lost the original link), we ask that you keep the credits when using the programs. the list is still under development and we will update some programs as they are revised.

Skeleton Dance, 2023

Four Curtains, 2023

Proscenium, 2023

Lovebirds, 2023

Turn Me Off, 2023

No Name, 2022

Teatrinho, 2021

Discussion I (variation), 2021

Marcus Garcia is an actor, set designer, electronic artist, lighting designer and director graduated in Performing Arts by USP (CAC – ECA) with qualification in Theater Interpretation. He also has an incomplete degree in Engineering from Poli-USP (2005-2008). He was a founding member and director of several theater groups in the city of São Paulo and has collaborated with Ilê Sartuzi for over five years.