Ilê Sartuzi + Maomi MeindlGIRLS AND BOYS @ Wild Trumpets, London23 Feb — 23 Mar 2024 read the text by Ilê Sartuzi read the text by Maomi Meindl

Ilê Sartuzi + Lucy Neishin the coulisse @ Night Café, London26 Jan — 22 Feb 2024 Night Café is delighted to announce ‘in the coulisse,’ a duo exhibition with Ilê Sartuzi and Lucy Neish. In this exhibition, the artists play with notions of representations: the erosion of the distinction between reality, simulation, and authenticity. Ever […]

Ilê SartuziVaudeville @ Pedro Cera, Lisbon5 May — 15 June 2023 click here to read the exhibition text by Fernanda Brenner click here to visit the gallery website

hollow head doll’s foam, 2019-2022theatrical play without actors43’00” June 2022, SESC Pompéia . read here Tiago Mesquita’s text digital photography: Julia ThompsonBW analog photography: Ilê Sartuzi . Video: Audiovisual direction and editing: Francisco MiguezPhotography direction: Caio Antônio e Maurício BattistuciDirect sound: Amanda CarvalhoColor correction and finishing: Caio AntônioProduction: Quina filmes Theater: Ilê Sartuzi: Direction; Dramaturgy; […]

A. And A again. auroras, São Paulo 31.07 – 02.10 2021 click here to access auroras’ website Paula Alzugaray – A casa e seu duplo (Select) The curtains open, there is an attempt to enunciate something that results only in a vibration, or even this imperative to speak makes it impossible to end a discussion. […]

Faço pé e mão August 09 – September 22 2018 The collaboration between Ana Matheus Abbade and Ilê Sartuzi creates a window that, although it takes elements from the traditional manicures and beauty salons windows, results in a strange composition of a set of body parts – feet and hands, head and detached fingers – […]

co-creator of arte_passagem and organizer of DESFILÃO, Ilê Sartuzi presented three sets of latex pieces. In the full-body skin ensemble, a head with the imprint of Kim Kardashian’s features was carried and was also on display. click here for more information about DESFILÃO photos: Daniel Albuquerque, Eduardo Viveiros, Julia Coelho e Lucia Koch.  Participated in this edition of […]

hollow head doll’s foam, 2019theatrical play without actors43’00” aprox. Through various devices that animate objects in the absence of actors,  hollow head doll’s foam explores the uncanny possibilities of projecting a body into anthropomorphic objects. Without indicating a protagonist and a traditional narrative development, the fragments of (non) events make the viewer’s attention dispersed between the desynchrony […]

Dollhouse Gallery, 2020Virtual Tour / Viewing Room / Website [For a better experience use a computer or tablet] Dollhouse Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that presents itself as an artistic speculation. A work and its means of exhibition at the same time, the exhibition as a work. It is evident that the conditions and […]