Night and Day, 2020

HD video, color, sound

A camera travels through an apartment. In its slow and continuous movement, it reveals a reconstituted space through photogrammetry – which generates a virtual reconstruction of the real space with eventual reading errors. This phantasmatic point of view observes an empty environment, marked by a feeling of absence, of a body that is no longer there. In the development of its route, the camera penetrates another environment – identical to the previous one – but surrounded by the night. Explores the same space through the same established route, scrutinizing little relevant details, in an extended time of reverie, almost mantric.

The video, therefore, reiterates a looping repetition mechanism for the continuity of these two contiguous and identical spaces. The slow movement points only to an unfocused attention that, successively, returns to the starting point and shuffles time differences in the same space. This zone also becomes a mental place closed in on itself, delimited and infinite.