A. And A again.

auroras, São Paulo

31.07 – 02.10 2021

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Paula Alzugaray – A casa e seu duplo (Select)

The curtains open, there is an attempt to enunciate something that results only in a vibration, or even this imperative to speak makes it impossible to end a discussion. These small scenes take place in different rooms at auroras, featuring mechanized objects, pre-programmed and random choreographies, light signals, paintings and videos. What they have in common is that they seem to have a certain theatricality in the way they present themselves.

In Ilê Sartuzi’s exhibition at auroras, actions seem to be a beginning that is always postponed, doomed to failure, or they find it difficult to articulate a coherent meaning. The communication attempt emits a red light in morse code from inside the house while listening to noise from other parts. Formally, repetition link these parts together in a loop that encompasses virtually all objects. That is, the “liveliness” of things is programmed so that there are moments of saturation of stimuli and others of more punctual actions.

The scales of the objects range from miniatures, a curtain for small people, something the size of children’s toys, and the standard size of an adult mannequins. They refer to universes of representations, whether through childish imagination exercises or theater elements.

Due to the nature of the works, the visiting hours of the exhibition are changed, starting at dusk. The show remains inactive during the day. In this atmosphere, the house is filled with inanimate objects while a possible narrative of new residents is created.