untitled (videogame_gltiches), 2018-2019
video HD, colour and sound 

Installation Views: ArteLondrina 7 curated by Danillo Villa and Clarissa Diniz at DaP – Divisão de Artes Plásticas.

The video investigates glitches of videogames from appropriate internet images. Divided into two parts, the first investigates flaws regarding the structuring of bodies within the virtual world. These glitches alter the established order and normal functioning of things, transforming, in some cases, the apparent three-dimensionality that structures this world, revealing the flat two-dimensionality of the image. In this sense, my research on body image continues to deepen into another representative field. Investigations that moved between the sculptural body and the painted image enter virtuality as a way of unraveling the construction – and here the constructive aspect must be taken into account – of fragmented and sometimes monstrous bodies.

In the second part of the video it’s explored the possibilities of a player using a glitch to their advantage in a way not intended by the system designers, this is characterized in video games as an exploit. Therefore, the understanding of acting through the gaps is broadened (an idea so dear to some contemporary philosophers like Alain Badiou). By understanding the system mechanisms and their breaches, the subject can intervene more powerfully in complex (and more real and palpable) structures through these openings.