shooting star, 2023
found kids’ shoes
14 x 16 x 13 cm

Two little children’s shoes are placed in between the floor and the wall. This gesture seems to activate the whole space around this small object. It brings the presence of the absence, an idea that is very dear to Sartuzi’s research. “shooting stars” is as open as it is simple. The title, points to a somehow quick gesture – as most “readymades” or objects trouvé are – but also something that is rare, and hard to grasp; more directly, it also describes the detail of the shoes.

These girl’s shoes were found in the streets, outside a house in Dalston, London. The fact that they are used also add a quality of history to them, of memories passed. In the light of recent events, a number of protests have been using children shoes to address the mass-murdering of Palestinian children in Gaza.