seven exercises for eye and tongue, 2019
video and sound
8’ 22’’

The video seven exercises for eye and tongue accompanies the observer through a sequence of movements that aims to relax the excessive attention and the development of the eye muscles. In contrast to the accurate commands, handling the eye through the tongue is difficult and slippery. The unusual approach between the two organs generates a tactile relationship between the materiality of the two things, in addition to the plasticity of the lips that are manipulated. In this case, the distance between the proposition of an exercise and the ability to perform it successfully is marked by the trial and error of the person who performs the activity in front of the camera. By mirroring, it is impossible to perform the activity of watching the video and performing the instructions, which somehow alter your ability to look.

“Perhaps because of the ethereal soundtrack, or perhaps because of the clear effort of the mouth that trembles and often fails to execute what its own statement demands, the relationship of torsion and movement between these two elements – the constancy of the eye and the inconstancy of the tongue muscle, carries us into a space where fiction adheres to reality in the face of something that sounds like a “smart fit” for cyclops. ” TEIXEIRA, Guilherme. Exercises for cyclops. 2019