no drama, 2021-2024
text on wall
variable dimensions

With the installation No Drama (2021-2024), Sartuzi playfully pokes fun at the very idea of drama. The dry text referring to a popular song from the 2000s (“My Humps” from the Black Eyed Peas, 2005) could be read as singing. The repetition of the negation creates rhythm, and the simple gesture goes against the dramaticism that is represented in the exhibition. This work could be seen as a synthesis between the theatricality – without being necessarily dramatic – and the minimal and precise formal procedures in Sartuzi’s work. For Night Café, the installation uses an architectural aberration close to the ceiling. The text starts on one side of the gallery continuing to the other in a progression true to the song. No Drama, differently from the music, is quiet and almost discreet in the space; it could also refer to the museological display of the names of major patrons, high in the walls and doorways in big institutions. This formal quality was famously explored in the series of “portraits” by Felix González-Torres.

Installation view at Night Café, London, 2024
“In the coulisse”, duo show with Lucy Neish