lecture-lecture: FODA (frankenstein), 2018
lecture-performance, latex skin and video

The lecture-performance Frankenstein takes the idea of building the body from fragments to elaborate reflections on the ideal conditions of beauty and the idea of self-design (as proposed by Boris Groys). The talk is made up of fragments of appropriate texts, ranging from a dialogue by Socrates in the 4th century BC. to texts by Paul B. Preciado and Donna Haraway, passing through journalistic excerpts and the gothic novel by Mary Shelley. In this way, the styles of speech change frequently, sometimes taking on an academic tone, sometimes the sharpness of a contemporary manifesto. The rough approximation of these texts is also confronted with a video that does not correspond directly to the moments of speech, but creates a framework of images around these body constructions. The video has as a background the narratives of the Frankenstein films, mainly Paul Morissey’s film, Flesh for Frankenstein, but these images are added to a Brazilian Human Barbie contest, presentations by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robocop, for example.

This performance was part of a set of lectures that the group After the End of Art presented at VERBO (2018). The presentations had as a common starting point the theme of sexuality, they were divided into four, namely, body, work, architecture and thing.

Photography: Eduardo Fraipoint