hollow head doll’s foam, 2019
theatrical play without actors
43’00” aprox.

Through various devices that animate objects in the absence of actors,  hollow head doll’s foam explores the uncanny possibilities of projecting a body into anthropomorphic objects. Without indicating a protagonist and a traditional narrative development, the fragments of (non) events make the viewer’s attention dispersed between the desynchrony of images and sounds that mimic, at times, a certain “vivacity”, however mediated.

There are bodies, dolls, mannequins and phantasmagorias of the most diverse types, exploring repetition and substitution as poetic forms and strategies for the construction and modification of the body. In a kind of self-contained system, it is fueled by tensions between impulses and restrictions, desire and control. It is a development of previous works by Ilê Sartuzi, animated within the production environment, over approximately forty-three minutes, in a large installation in time and space. The devices that regulate the work are transparent and its precariousness reveals the vain turns of a machine that is about to get out of control.

Despite the centrality of the body as an image, even of the sounds produced, its remains are always the mark of an absence. In addition to the subjugation of these bodies to dematerializing technologies and the dilution of the idea of ​​corporeality within a luminous virtuality, the play explores an imagery linked to domestic interiority and the children’s exercises of imagination. This displaced familiarity, however, awakens a feeling of strangeness towards these (in)animated objects.

Ilê Sartuzi: Director / Dramaturgy / Objects production / Video projection
Marcus Garcia: Mechanical Engineering / Mechatronics / Programming
Vicente Antunes Ramos: Collaboration in dramaturgy
CleverBot: Collaboration in dramaturgy
Bruno Palazzo: Sound Design
Matheus Brant: Light Design
André Vidal: Light operation

Arnold Schwarzenegger: actor
Danilo Arrabal: actor
Giovanna Monteiro: actress
Hito Steyerl: actress
Julia Pedreira: actress
Maira do Nascimento: actress
Rafael de Souza: actor