Ilê Sartuzi + Maomi Meindl
Gossip, 2024
variable time and dimensions

“Gossip” is a performance that was created by Ilê Sartuzi and Maomi Meindl. During the opening of an exhibition, a group of children spread rumours to the guests. The gossip should generally be directed towards the artists or the exhibition and their working condition. The number of children is dependent on how large the space is. It shouldn’t be too saturated. The children should take turns picking random guests to tell them a secret, making them lean towards them so they can whisper in their ears. They can cover this act with their hand. The action can happen throughout the event in a slow and silent manner. The performance should leave no traces: it is a discreet, subtle, unostentatious action. 

In the context of the “GIRLS AND BOYS” exhibition, the artist led a series of workshops with children that served as basis for the connection between the artists and the children but also material research for the project.