Faço pé e mão

August 09 – September 22 2018

The collaboration between Ana Matheus Abbade and Ilê Sartuzi creates a window that, although it takes elements from the traditional manicures and beauty salons windows, results in a strange composition of a set of body parts – feet and hands, head and detached fingers – with false nails, elongated and pointed, that cross the space.

Within the production of both artists, the research on non-normality in relation to the exploration of the body has always been a central issue. From this, the idea of ​​establishing a window that resembles what you would see in a commercial establishment, however absurd, is the starting point for the second intervention at arte_passagem. It should be pointed out that the environment where the intervention takes place, the city center of São Paulo, is a space where this type of visuality is recurrent, in addition to being a common place for bodies that shuffle normativity.

“Faço Pé e Mão” announces the service offered by the artist, manicurist and pedicure Ana Matheus during the exhibition period; inside the window and on surrounding streets, advertisements inform the public about the contact for scheduling. The title refers, however, to both the exercise of a practice and the material production of these two body parts. The window display assumes, therefore, a commercial character, complicating the functions of this space, at the same time that it can be taken as the constitution of a – strange – body formed by fragments. This body resides in a place between the image, typical of its position as a mannequin, and an almost abject materiality, which is intensified by the presence of elongated and curved nails that occupy a space between the product and the curious interest that a freak show provokes.