essay, b, 2016
color video with sound

essay, b is a compilation of a series of short essays. The video accompanies the appearance of a lamp that projects a red light and proceeds by an estrangement in the exploration of the image, the materiality of light and color, sound, and the sometimes extended time of the shots.

The lamp appears in each frame, without explanation. The cuts are abrupt (both in the video and in the sound), the sound design evokes a nocturnal moment, due to the absence of daytime noise, capturing sounds of barking, cars, and the movements of the interior space of the film.

As much as in the video the red flattens things on a two-dimensional plane, giving a virtual character to the space, reducing the tactility of objects, the sound, full of ambient noise, assumes some material, sensorial dimension, opposing the lack of tactility of image.

Retroactively, essay, b questions some of the main points of research that would follow in later works. An idea of an exceptional or heterotopic space (indicated in this video by the delimitation of the apartment’s space at night, in its non-regular operation), and the notion of the uncanny that sometimes appears associated with the personification of an object.