Dollhouse Gallery, 2020
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Dollhouse Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that presents itself as an artistic speculation. A work and its means of exhibition at the same time, the exhibition as a work. It is evident that the conditions and possibilities of art exhibitions have changed dramatically with the experiences of social isolation and it is in the wake of these reformulations that the Dollhouse Gallery is inserted. As a reflection – evidently with a certain degree of irony – of the exhibitions in virtual spaces, the work assumes some of the cliché characteristics of the art market to create this gallery.

The work consists of a virtual tour inside a dollhouse. This kind of “viewing room” takes as a model a dollhouse created to stage a scene of the play “hollow head doll’s foam”. Not only does it replicate its physical aspects, but it also assumes, in this package, the narrative that impregnated this dollhouse in its original context (the scene can be watched in the attic of the house). Within the narrative, repetition was explored as a form. Here, this repetition takes on the characteristic of a mise en abyme, where not only the representation of the little house is inside the dollhouse that returns to itself, but also in the development of a work within the other throughout Ilê Sartuzi’s artistic research.

What is at stake, therefore, is less the set of works that make up this exhibition, than the exhibition itself that is considered an “object”. Just as the dollhouse device has become a possible support for other dramaturgies in the physical space, the Dollhouse Gallery is, in this sense, a virtual place par excellence, that is, it exists as a potentiality full of possibilities for other artistic occupations.

thanks to: tiê franco brotto e henrique casimiro